Saturday, July 17, 2010

An evening of divine comical musical comments on life

Divine Comedy was one of the evening where I really didn’t know what to expect. Standing in the queue didn’t make it any clearer – a very mixed audience in terms of age and social appearance, large groups of young people, families with young children – one group with a champagne and sushi picnic to eat in the queue! Frantic chaos at work meant I’d not even used the internet to find out what to expect!

From Divine Comedy
The warm up act, Cathy Davey, was so good I bought two albums on my iPad in the break before the main act! The “Solo” added to the main act title on the event promotion, the piano and single guitar on the stage gave some more clues to the nature of the main act. The fact that person placing the artists drinks and props for the evening being “suited and booted” should have been a clue…

Then Neil Hannon made his appearance on stage – suited and booted, completed with a bowler hat and brief case! A Flanders & Swann style commentary on the current financial problems started the evening – and it was that style of clever humorous commentaries on all sort of things that fill the rest of a great evening.

This will revive my childhood listening to Flanners & Swann - “complete collection from iTunes already download” – one of my favourite quotations from them being:

“Raise the ceiling four feet, move the fireplace from that wall to that wall, you'll still only get the stereophonic effect if you sit in the bottom of that cupboard”

Sums up the modern hi-fidelity world…

One event in the Somerset House series to go – Soul II Soul will find it hard to top Cathy Davey and Divine Comedy (Solo) – for me the best so far of a very good series of very varied evenings entertainment.

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