My Photography

My Pictures

My Pictures can be found both on Picasa and Flickr - I use Flickr to upload one, occasionally two pictures from each set or of each subject - the most representative of the pictures. Picasa has a much more comprehensive selection of all the images I consider "keepers" - I use it as an online backup should the very worst happen.

I retain the copyright of all my pictures - please ask if you what to use them before you do. I'm usually happy for them to be used royalty free on your own facebook pages and websites provided my blog URL isn't removed and I'm given credit for them - I will ask for the normal fee if they are used somewhere were that would be normal practice...

Musicians out there - while I'm grateful that you let me take pictures of you - most of the time I've paid to be at the gig - if others have - and you wouldn't like me putting your music on my web site without asking you and crediting you fully... I've not been fortunate enough to be given a photo pass or free access to a gig yet - clearly if that was the situation we'd have already discussed using the results of my efforts.

My Cameras

My camera of choice is a Canon 7D, it replaced a 40D which replace my first digital SLR a Canon 10D - I think it will be replaced by a full frame 5D Mark III or possibly if I'm feeling extravagant a 1D(s) when the next generation of that series appears - I'm spending as much on wide lenses to compensated for the 1.6 multiplier as the jump in cost would be!

When I can't use an SLR my current "point & click" cameras are both Panasonic - the LX5 and TZ20. The LX5, because it is as close to an SLR in terms of control, fast lens and raw as you can get in compact. The TZ20 can't be beaten for the zoom in such a compact body - you can't aways get close - and most of the time when you can't get close there is a reasonable amount of light - I've taken some good pictures with both in venues where they won't let us "amateurs" take our SLR inside... I always take both - if they won't let me change lens - then I'll change camera!

My Lenses

Currently my favourite lens is a Canon EF 70-200 1:2.8 L IS USM Mk I - my travelling “light” bag currently consists of:

Sigma Circular Fisheye 4.5 1:18 DC HSM
Canon EF-S 17-55 1:2.8 IS USM
Canon EF 24-70  1:2.8 L
Canon EF 70-200 1:2.8 L IS USM Mk I

Not exactly light – but significantly less than I manage to cram into my rolling camera/lens case when I’m travelling “heavy”!

I'll sometimes add when I need a longer range – although it might be replace by the lighter x2 converter for the 70-200:

Canon EF 100-400 1:4.5-5.6 L IS USM

If I'm in a situation where I don't want to or can't take multiple lenses then I use:

Tamron 18-270 1:3.5-6.3

A very capable lens with incredible range…

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