Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not so country at a sold out O2 Empire

Despite arriving only shortly after the doors where due to open I joined the longest queue I've every joined at the Shepherd’s Bush O2 Empire for Lady Antebellum’s one stop in Europe on their current tour… they could clearly have sold the venue out multiple times.
From Lady Antebellum 2010

Rachel Furner’s opening act had me reaching for my iPad to only find an EP of live tracks from the recent iTunes festival – surely an album is coming soon, as she joins the current growing ranks of talented female British soloists.

Given the good opening it as a great shame that over amplification of the headliners took most of the spirit out of the music and turned country into generic guitar base rock… 

That didn’t stop Lady Antebellum getting the most rousing reception I’ve experienced at the venue – clearly a sign that they’d please their dedicated fans. I came away think it was a good evening out – but not the country evening I’d expected…