Saturday, January 30, 2010

Motorbikes replace the musicians

From British Supercross 2010
After an incredible engineering effort, the O2 arena was transformed into a Super Cross track by adding hundreds of tons of earth where normally there would be a mush pit or rows of seated concert goers.

The riders provided as big a spectacular as many of the other performers I’ve seen at the O2. The height of the jumps and the speed between the bumps was amazing. How the evening finished without at least one person in an ambulance I’m not sure. Every age group fearlessly charged round the track on ever large and more powerful bikes. The larger struggled in the confined space to over take each other – leading to a number of spectacular collisions!

The only downside was the requirement for one end of the arena to be open to allow the exhaust fumes out and the bikes in and out resulted in the normally warm location to take on the near freezing outside temperatures!