Thursday, December 03, 2009

More giant waves on North Shore

From O'Neill World Cup 2009
Another bus ride to the North Shore meant the chance to watch the men compete against each other and the even bigger waves. Great value for the $4.50 to get there and back – and again a very small crowd considering the world class surfing in spectacular conditions going on…

I’m sure I will be back – maybe bringing an even longer lens to pick out the surfers amongst the crashing water.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Fourth Island of the holiday

From Kauai Day Trip
Could be the fifth if you count continental USA as an Island during my short stay in the first class lounge in LAX! It was also the shortest flight of the trip – I’m fairly sure I spent more time walking in the airports at either end of the flights than actually in the air!

Kauai being the oldest of the large Islands in Hawaii is by far the flattest – the long extinct volcanoes having been worn down by time and rain leaving some fairly spectacular valleys cut into the lava that has almost turned to dirt…

Kauai also boast the only navigable river in Hawaii – a good excuse for a tourist attraction!