Friday, November 24, 2006

What has happened to British Sport?

Well the Ashes have started and it already looks like the poor form for English sport is continuing... The football team failed to live up to all the hope and hype - they still can't take penalties - you would have thought they would have learnt. And they played their best when down to 10 men because the "wonder boy" was sent off - and we never got to see the youngster that meant we where a striker short! Then the rugby team has been dismal - 7 straight losses and the victory that saved them from a record wasn't convincing against a SA side that left almost another experience team at hope to blood the youngster they are going to the world cup with... In F1 the highlights for the British was the perennual under performer Button finally one a race, and the old timer Coulthard manage to drag himself around just in front of the no hopers! I'm not sure how much it says about our Tennis players that a good new prospect is the highlight of the year in the area we host what many consider the most important annual contest. I really think we missed a trick - most of these sports come from the British Empire - we simply shouldn't have told everyone else all the rules - that is the way the US do it - no one outside the US can work out American Football - and for baseball they have a world series, but only invite the Canadians from the rest of the world to take part!