Sunday, October 01, 2006

F1 Gods Favour the red car - at least one of them

Well last race it was the F1 official gods that favoured the red car to keep the championship alive - today it appears it was the weather and tyre gods that did it without official intervention. It was a great race - maybe they need to introduce sprinklers to all F1 tracks to randomly introduce dampness. There haven't been that many over taking manoeuvres in a single race for as long as I can remember. And this is a good excuse for a picture. A rather old one of Button's car - British GP 2000 - he ended in the gravel rather than putting others in the gravel as he did today... Two posts in a day - maybe I'll manage to keep producing random thought to contribute to web 2.0

The rubbish we accumulate

I have a policy when I move that any thing that I haven't used since last time I moved get dumped without too much thought - but having avoided moving for six years my nice central, but inevitably small flat just can't wait for that - so the compactor has been busy and there are half a dozen bags for charity shops... but the flat does feel a little less small. I did warn you that this was a selection of random thoughts :-)