Friday, October 22, 2010

Flight South

It is Autumn in London – so it must be time for me to escape for a short period to warmer climbs – this time, what a I hope will be a bi-annual event – a fly away Grand Prix, the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo, in contrast to my last trip to the Singapore Grand Prix, I’ve splashed out on expensive hospitality tickets, gaining access to a pit lane visit and a covered seat – history would suggest the race is just as likely to be wet as dry – which will add to the spice, especially as the championship is still very much alive, with 5 drivers still with a mathematical chance…

Yet again I prelude the GP city with another great city of the world – last time it was Hong Kong – this time the 26th largest city in the world – Rio de Janeiro.

A very uneventful journey by Black cab, Heathrow Express, Airport Bus , (that was a bit of a pain – what is the point of T5 if you still have to get a bus?) and 11 hours in the comfort of Business class found me in GaleĆ£o Airport – the hotel estimated the remaining journey time to be 45 minutes – I wasn’t surprised to in fact arrive at the hotel in under 20, given the rapid lane changing journey across Rio to the haven of the Rio InterContinental