Saturday, May 16, 2009

Not such bad photography – circa 1990

From Saint Etienne - 2009
I recall seeing/hearing “The Bad Photographer” on Top of the Pop too many years ago for me to care to remember, and Saint Etienne have been on my play list ever since…

Another venture on to GetMeIn allowed me to obtain a ticket to see them at the sold out Bloomsbury Ballroom – this time with absolutely no regrets. A great evening of classic 90s tracks in a great small venue.

The contrast of the compact Art Deco surroundings of the Ballroom to the commercial setting of the O2 was enormous – but Saint Etienne could have easily filled the O2 – maybe they could take up the nights freed by MJ’s cancellation of the first four nights of his residence there!

Friday, May 01, 2009

First of the year’s circuses arrives at the 02

From Pink O2 2009
My third night at the O2 in a week was another guaranteed “good show”. P!nk didn’t disappoint, and the presentation supported the music, rather than the reverse for Girls Aloud last weekend.  

P!nk might be regretting a circus theme for her Funhouse Tour, with a certain other artist using the same for her tour – but it will an achievement for Britney to top this – especially if the current reviews of “The Circus” are to be believed. I’ll compare the two personally later in the year – and then there is the circus that Michael Jackson tour is bound to be…

Particularly impressive where the aerial elements – which weren't restricted to the supporting dancers. Carrying on after an adlib inducing unexpected drop of 3 or 4 feet during the ribbon suspended finally was particularly impressive.
The best set for me was when P!nk made a very strong audition for, in my opinion, the still open position to fill Freddie Mercury’s place in Queen. Freddie would have been proud of her rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. P!nk’s stage personality is a close match for that of Freddie – something I don’t think Paul Rodgers does justice to, and her vocals would allow them to reprise great songs Paul Rodgers simply doesn’t have the voice for…