Saturday, December 20, 2008

Madness pipe up a tune at O2

From Madness 02 December 2008
Rounding out an eventful year with a final visit to the O2 for another rousing evening of Madness - this time not financial - the musical type...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Power sliding round Wembley - Race of Champions style

From Race of Champions 2008
On a crisp winter day I made my way to Wembley Stadium, transformed for the weekend into a motor sport Mecca - with the prospect of race between the two heroes of the Summer - Chris Hoy, the Olympic Cycling hero and Lewis Hamilton the newly crowned F1 champion. As it turned out the combination of damp weather in the days running up to the weekend and the bitter cold on the day meant the track was too dangerous for cycling - so Lewis drove Chris round the track, burning rubber all the way.
The car control from the car drivers was impressive - but the most impressive where the x-cross riders - meters above the ground almost, but not quite loosing contact with their rides. A great days entertainment - even if it was cold enought to force me to buy a pair of Wembley branded gloves to hold off the frost bite!