Saturday, August 09, 2008

It pays to question the rediculous

It was worth my questioning of DHL's unexpected invoice for import VAT on my tickets to the Singapore GP - if they'd only tried to charge me VAT on the nominal value of about £50 I would have begrudgingly paid up - but when they tried to charge me VAT on more than an extra £50 as the "cost of shipping outside the EU" I felt I was some how being done. I only paid ~£17 extra for courier delivery rather than surface mail - costing the non-EU portion at over £50 seams like attempted VAT fraud to me! The good thing to say for DHL is they where true to their auto-response to my email - they responded by mail, but not within the 7-10 working days stated, and they did back down without question - wonder if the fact I cc'd the VAT man had anything to do with that!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kylie discos at O2

What a way to end a day that started at 4am with a call that kept you on your toes for most of the day! 3 hours of disco with the princess of pop! And what great seats - possibly some of the best in the place 8 rows back looking across the stage.
I'm still fighting with my new compact camera - but a great position and lots of opportunity captured some great memories.
A great evening of songs from the past and more contemporary track, all delivered by a great entertainer. All wrapped up in a small but wonderfully formed package - and the backing singers weren't far behind!