Sunday, April 27, 2008

A1 GP Comes to the Centre of London

Given that I'm planning my holiday this year around the Singapore F1 GP - it would have been missing an opportunity not to, at much less effort and expense, view the A1 GP cars virtually on my door step...
It is sometime said that the card is the star - but when all 22 cars are identical apart from the national paint job, the girls standing by them are, if possible, even more attractive! They where certainly getting far more attention from the photographers than any of the cars - or drivers!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

London Marathon 2008 - in the rain

Thanks to my "camera coat" I was able to take pictures in the heavy April showers - although I've just finished removing the condensation from inside a rather expensive lens!
The elite runners didn't seam to mind the weather - and almost certainly preferred it to the heat wave in 2007! Some of the fun runners did appear to slow under the bridges that cross the road around the 20 miles mark - but having got that far, they deserved the shelter from the inclement weather for a short period.
And then the numbers just increased and increased, bringing colour to a very dull day.
Some of the road furniture associated with a busy London road is interesting when set in the context of a mass of people moving, where there is normally busy London Traffic.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Update on Randomness

Well - DLR trains are still "terminating" at Bank - and when you get off them, before they destruct, you currently have to battle the madness of the escalator renewals they are carrying out at the cost of much disruption to the commuting public. Data continues to explode - I'm contributing with all my photos - and now I've got my own storage array to accommodate even more... At long last the British property market is finally showing signs of sanity - although it has taken the "credit crunch" to bring about the change! British sport continues to be variable - Formula One has a new British star - who came so close to walking away with the F1 title in his first year. The English rugby union team blow hot and cold - after a slow start they had a good run in the World Cup, then on the first occasion I've had a chance to watch them myself, they only show up for the first half. Then they when on to repeat their victory over the French, and then loose to the Scots!

Post dated updates...

I've not added many "random thoughts" recently - mainly justs records of muscial and sporting events I've been to - anyone observent might have notice me post-dating a few entries - if I'm going to use this as a photographic diary - it may as well be reasonably complete!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

2008 Olympic Flame bypasses St Paul's

On a cold snowy day, a flame was paraded through London. Some very British pomp and ceremony was laid on - but then the actions of a few over zealous people, taking a very valid demonstration too far caused a large crowd at St Paul's to be left a little confused as the flame bypassed them unannounced in a bus!
Even London's CCTV was keeping an eye on the Tibetan flags.

An evening of guitar based rock at the O2

From Eagles at O2
At the end of their latest European tour, "Long Road out of Eden", the Eagles provided an enjoyable and varied evening of music - I'd loosely call guitar based rock, with a strong country influence. The O2 again proved a very pleasant venue - seats booked at the last minute had good views and excellent sound... Only down side is that I've decided my pocket camera really needs replacing with a more modern version with a longer zoom and better abilities in low light.